[permaculture] Question about solar panels

KNat knat at sprintmail.com
Tue Jul 24 12:20:59 EDT 2007

Lisa Rollens wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I have a question that I hope someone can answer for me.  I have access to 
> most of the parts for a solar water heating system.  I already have one, 
> though, and am wondering if there is a different use for this kind of a 
> setup.  The system I have is new as of last summer and has round tubes for 
> heating the water.  I don't know what this other system has, but they are 
> not plain multi-use solar panels and the system is not new.  As a matter of 
> fact, the owner said it would cost more to fix the system than buy a new 
> one.  Anyone have any ideas?  I can already see how little I know about what 
> is available, so I will try to find out more.
Salvaging those "not worth fixing" systems is most often a very sweet 
deal. Usually it's a pump or something that is technically very minor 
and easy. Even when the problem is foggy glass the efficiency is 
decreased, not zero. If not too odd a size, replacement can be pretty 
cost effective or just use more panels (not an issue if they're 
free/cheap anyway.) The new tubes are nice but the old panels still work 
and either way the heat source is free. (I deal Apricus, what brand is 
Caveat- it is very easy to acquire a yard full of units if you do not 
have ready installation help and places to install them.
(had to add that because some people here know my life in person.)


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