[permaculture] Question about solar panels

Lisa Rollens rollens at fidnet.com
Tue Jul 24 00:01:04 EDT 2007

Hi everybody,

I have a question that I hope someone can answer for me.  I have access to 
most of the parts for a solar water heating system.  I already have one, 
though, and am wondering if there is a different use for this kind of a 
setup.  The system I have is new as of last summer and has round tubes for 
heating the water.  I don't know what this other system has, but they are 
not plain multi-use solar panels and the system is not new.  As a matter of 
fact, the owner said it would cost more to fix the system than buy a new 
one.  Anyone have any ideas?  I can already see how little I know about what 
is available, so I will try to find out more.

Thanks in advance,

Lisa, in the Ozarks of MO, USA 

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