[permaculture] [Keith] "green" affiliates

"Dr. H. Marshall" eco at gaianlife.co.uk
Sun Feb 4 19:29:43 EST 2007

Sorry I just noticed my email to you got bounced back.
Here's some info you asked for a while back about 'green affiliates'. Most
ship worldwide, but some of the organic food places are UK delivery only so
you may want to skip those ones.

check out www.tradedoubler.com
www.cj.com (commission junction)
www.clixgalore.com  .....particularly 'Energy Book' and 'Energy &
Environment Ltd'

You have to search around a bit to find good vendors but they are there, try
search keywords like 'organic' or 'environment'.

There are also businesses that run affiliate sales directly such as
www.agmillers.com   ....organic butchers
also eco-logic books, national geog, WSPA, greenfriends.com,
I hugely recommend (not solely for income value but also to
support)...UNICEF, World Vision, Practical Action, Oxfam, World Land Trust.

Take a look at http://www.gaianlife.co.uk/market_place.htm and let me know
if you particularly want details/affiliate links for any of the companies
listed there.

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