[permaculture] Pattern Language for permaculture

Martin Naylor martinwnaylor at yahoo.com.au
Thu Mar 16 18:26:34 EST 2006

Hi Simon
  Don't use any soft ware just play on paper,
  how ever I'm looking for a geek to help get a web site together to get students to mind map the books they use to put on site and sell them along with 5 other subjects Permaculture being one
Simon Forman <forman.simon at gmail.com> wrote:
  If, as Rain and Chris mention, Dave Jacke has a start on a set of
patterns in the Pattern Language form (I'm totally getting a copy of
his 2 vol. book as soon as I can afford it, Whoo! Oh man it looks
cool.), and on his website he seems eager to help the community, then
perhaps he'd open up his patterns to the public and be interested in
"donating" them to a Wiki.

Quoting from his website:

"All we need to do is to be a little more conscious about what we are
up to, take good notes, and share our information with each other."

- and -

"What services can this website— or indeed, a forest garden research
organization— provide that will make your efforts work best as part of
a larger effort?"

The wiki could be part of Graham's PermaWiki or Larry's wiki or
perhaps hosted under Dave's Forest Garden site, or some combination of
all three..

A species guide would be a great tie-in, again hosted on one or more
of the above Wikis. It seems to me that I've run across plant db's on
the web and mentioned here.

Martin: What sort of mind-mapping software do you use?

Darren: did you mean a bucketload of standard Permaculture designs in
electronic form? (As opposed to designs of electronics?) Seriously? 
Wauld you be interested in donating them to a public wiki?

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