[permaculture] Wood Ashes

Norris Thomlinson scrub at corrupt.net
Thu Dec 14 16:19:42 EST 2006

Hi Scott-

> Anyone know of any uses for wood ashes??  Besides lye soap and used to 
> sweeten or alkalinize the soil.

I've come across references to use of wood ash lye in preparing corn, to 
prevent the vitamin deficiencies caused by a diet high in corn.  It's the 
same idea as using lime with the corn--but wood ash (especially or maybe 
only? from hard woods) is another way to process it.  The wood ash lye is 
created by leaching water through the ashes.  I don't know whether or not 
the process is identical to that for preparing lye for soap.

Hope that helps!

Norris Thomlinson

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