[permaculture] Fukuoka in Greece for Miguel

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and then there's www.wwoof.org, and www.lets.org they do swaps

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Dear Andrew, I would be interested in that contact too please.
Cheers,Su Dennett

>Dear Miguel,
> A follower of Fukuoka has a very successful natural farm in Greece. He
>also has an army of seedballers that engage in re-forestation seedballing
>all over the country. I can give you his contact details if you are
>Yours ,
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>Are there any contacts for Miguel from anyone in this list?
>Maybe he would be interested in a permaculture apprenticeship too.
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>I am new in this group, I am very interested in fukuoka?s ideas, and
>travell, I would like to know new places, work and learn.
>Does anyone know about a place anywhere where can I work and learn
>about fukuoka?s farming????
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