[permaculture] Really Cold of Greece

Claude William Genest genest at pivot.net
Thu Jan 8 13:01:45 EST 2004

1.South facing trombe wall ( basically a plexiglass/plastic wall in 
front of the stone wall to trap solar gain and transfer heat to thermal 
mass of stone - cheaper version would be a plastic hoophouse/greenhouse 
and this would be a more functional choice since it would encourage 
food production)
2. Windbreaks
3. Insulate roof ( if this isn't done it's number one thing to 
do...trust me, I'm Canadian and it's minus 34 with the wind today !!) 
and north wall ( which may be direction of predominant wind ?)
4. Insulate walls from within
4. Cheapie solar collector thingie-watchmacallits - can't think of it 
right now and too long to describe.... Basically a sealed, sun 
gathering box with an exhaust pipe into the house

5. Since your slope is North east ( type 1 error !!) your southern 
exposure may be seriously limited so you may have to get creative with 
your roof...e.g. solar hot water and then use that hot water to heat up 
things in the house....tanks, baths, poly pipe through floor, steam, 
SAUNA...etc. etc....

6. Move to Canada where you'll be nice and toasty warm :-)

7. Three Dog Nights

8. Cob your south wall

9. Straw bale your north wall

8. Combos of all of the above....

Good luck !


On Thursday, January 8, 2004, at 12:33 PM, Andrew Clements wrote:

> Hello ,
>   I have recently acquired a North East facing terraced slope plot of 
> about
> 2 and a half acres at an elevation of about 2500 ft asl in the 
> mountains in
> Western Greece . On the plot I have a mixed orchard and a two hundred 
> year
> old , two storey stone cottage . The cottage has no electricity , no 
> running
> water inside and it is BLOODY FREEZING !!!! It was abandoned about 50 
> yrs
> ago and no one has lived there since . I am renovating it and I want 
> to use/
> have been using natural traditional building techniques and 
> permaculture
> ideas . I have a large inglenook fireplace but the house is colder 
> when I
> light it than when it is not lit . It started snowing two weeks ago 
> and we
> are about 3ft (1 metre) under . Night-time temps can fall to -10 
> degrees C.
> Can anyone give me some very urgent advice on how to heat the place
> sustainably , non-invasively QUICKLY b4 I perish from frostbite and
> hypothermia .
> Thanking you in advance ,
> Andrew.
> (aka - Really Cold of Greece ;-((
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