[permaculture] oca

georg parlow georg at websuxxess.com
Sat Mar 29 10:43:29 EST 2003

> The Oca yielded at least 10X what we planted...  don't mound them up
> too early or too much, some of ours rotted before tubers set.  They
> set the tubers late fall and we harvested colorful tubers in early
> winter... The ones we didn't save for planting we ate in one
> Celebratory Meal... Delicious!  I start some early in the ground and
> some in pots in the greenhouse and will plant those mid summer, in
> the ground, as big plants for larger tubers... we'll see.

to my experience it doesnt make any difference how big or early you start
them - the big diff is in how long you can leave them in the ground, for
they set tubers late. i also found that the taste still improves with
sunbathing them for a few days - apparently breaks down the oxalic acid.

and once i forgot them in fall out on the suning tray over a freezing night,
and 90% got frost damage - but the rest is propably a strain with superior
frost tolerance. also: i had best results in light, sandy soil, and
apparently oca is quite drought tolerant.

keep growing

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