[permaculture] question re pattern recognition

Nick Routledge fellowservant at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 11 19:26:18 EST 2003

As per Georg's request for useful computer analogs to the phenological
motif, ya might try dropping a note on Len Coop, at:


He does phenological research and all sortsa related geeky work around
computer systems modeling and decision support systems. I tracked him down
last year when I first ran into mention of the science of phenology. Cor
blimey, I thought, if there are characters in my bioregion who're
professionally given over to wot essentially amounts to a science of
permie observation, I wanna know 'em. Or at least their web site. But, as
Len tells me, phenology (at least locally) is mostly a bug guy thing,
"since pest management is somewhat near the 'heart' of a phenology
community." Useful, but not quite wot I was hoping for.

Then again, to carry the analogical motif a step further, phenology is a
fundamentally collaborative, scalable, portable, cross-platform endeavor,
innit? So, perhaps there's a role for the latest web technes to play in
catalyzing interdisciplinary co-operation around this grand, unifying
pattern-recognition theme - virtual cuddle puddles for birders, bug guys,
weather watchers, gardeners, poets, and other misc. bioregional

Meta-squishfest, jolly dee.


"Computer Science: A science still in its infancy. While other sciences
study how particular types of objects interact, computer science studies
how interactions work in general - that is, how societies of parts can
accomplish what those parts cannot do separately. Although computer
science began with the study of serial computers - that is, of machines
that could only do one thing at a time - it has grown to the point of
studying the sorts of interconnected networks of processes that must go on
inside societies of mind." - Marvin Minsky.

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