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Kristof & Stacia Nordin nordin at eomw.net
Tue Dec 30 13:56:16 EST 2003

I've known of Heifer International for a number of years and continue to be
impressed with the way they provide 'aid' and 'development'.  They don't
work here in Malawi (Africa) where I am, so I don't know them first hand,
but I've done a lot of reading and discussing about them, and as a tough aid
critic, I can't say anything bad!

Stacia Nordin, RD
Malawi, Africa
nordin at eomw.net

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> Subject: [permaculture] Donations to Heifer International?
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> Hello Folks,
> Wanted your opinion on donating to Heifer International. It looks to be a
great way to donate in a way to empower families arouind the world with
methods similar to Permaculture ethics. Visit http://www.heifer.org  I have
donated a small amount the see how it works out.
> Don

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