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There is a reference at K. P. O BOX 1516
WWOOF KOREA ( Here We Go )
SEOUL 110-601
TEL. : 82-2-723-4458 / FAX : 82-2-723-9996
E-MAIL : wwoofkr at netsgo.com

but apparently that URL doesn't work any more.
this is from

try http://www.wwoofkorea.com/ works for me.

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On 12/9/2003 at 2:00 PM D.A. Riley wrote:

>I understand there are good examples of cooperative farming and
>communites in Korea. Are farmers using ducks with rice farming there? I
>recall Bill & Lisa Mollison taking a trip there a few years back, meeting
>with farmers in various regions....
>From: sam bucus 
>Subject: [permaculture] fruit and stuff in korea
>i have been in korea for a year and a half now and am trying to find any
>books, websites or other resources of any kind on korean trees of any
>kind, particularly fruit and nut trees or edible or medicinal plants. or
>just pretty plants. or vegetables..... 
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