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SLUG - San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners, http://www.slug-sf.org/

Lots of school and community garden projects in the Bay Area, some leaning
quite a bit (or entirely) towards PC design.  Community gardens, see:


School gardens, go to:


...and scroll down to the "Case Studies..." section where there's lots of
listings for school farm/gardens in Berkeley and elsewhere.

> Davis Homes ("green" subdivision built in hot dry desert in the 1970's) -
> Davis;

It's called Village Homes, actually.  See also N Street Cohousing in Davis, a
much more grassroots conversion of pre-existing homes into
community/neighborhood cohousing.  Davis is just off I-80 a bit West of

> Art Ludwig / Oasis Designs (greywater) - Santa Barbara;

San Luis Obispo area (Central Coast CA, a bit N. of Santa Barbara) is a hotbed
of 'alt culture', including PC stuff - contact the folks at HopeDance
(http://hopedance.org/main/index.shtml) for sites (and sights) to see.

There are several regional PC lists (don't know how active though) for Central
Coast, LA and San Diego - links here to the archives, which have links to
subscribe, etc.:


Larry Santoyo is in S. CA as well, Los Osos I think

You will no doubt get several more years' worth of suggestions from people at
the workshop... ;-)

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