[permaculture] Large Scale Permaculture? - a question?

Daniel.Donahoo at dhs.vic.gov.au Daniel.Donahoo at dhs.vic.gov.au
Sun Dec 7 23:38:35 EST 2003

does 'large scale' permaculture make sense permaculturally?
it seems to me to be somewhat of an oxymoron?

i can see how a society, a town, or any system could grow over a long
period of time to become something that may resemble a permaculture system
- the best example of this are probably various ecovillages around the
world - though even they would have a long way to go? but the idea of 100+
acres designed and then managed permaculturally seems to defeat the point a
little bit...i'm guessing that there is just a lot of zone 4 and 5 - and if
this is the case, is this actually a limited way of looking at such large

my next door neighbour spent a short time out on 40 acres, planting trees
and setting up a permaculture property - he and his partner are
eco-architects that are doing great work in central victoria. he jokes with
me that the only problem with permaculture is that it is not sustainable.
but i joke back that his attempt at permaculture was not actually
permaculture because he started too big, tried to do it all at once -
instead of designing a kitchen garden and getting a couple of chooks and
seeing how sustaining he could be with that before trying anything more.

do any of the learned crew who wander these email lines wish to comment?


dan d

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