(fwd) Translation resources for permac. related terms

Sharon Gordon gordonse at one.net
Wed Jun 27 10:10:33 EDT 2001

>In the meantime can anyone help me out with a couple of terms?
>Basically I have found that terms such as "swale" don't even exist
>both in english (on line or not) dictionaries and in english-spanish

Hopefully, a spanish term for swale has already been found, but if
not, I would use swale converted to swaleo or maybe sualeo if you want
to avoid using w's.  I think it's easier if every language tries to use the
same basic stem for new permaculture words even if they need
to have an ending altered to work with the grammar.   But if the
word should turn out to be something inappropriate in the new language,
I would go with a made up descriptive compound word like a
translated "contourdip."  I'd avoid anything like the famous american
car fiasco where they shipped the great selling Nova to a spanish
speaking country and wondered why it didn't sell.  Someone finally
took pity on them and told them their Nova car was called
ItDoesn'tGo in spanish.

Lily Pily is a plant-- Syzygium canicortex  also called Yellow Satinash.
It has pretty leaves, white flowers, and red fruits.  Birds like the fruit,
but I don't know about humans.

Midym Green, I have no idea.  It sounds like a gaelic name for the town 
green :-).

gordonse at one.net

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