cover crop prior to fruit trees

dutch monkey pancakedave at
Thu Dec 27 09:22:56 EST 2001

Hello everyone.  We've recently acquired some land in the
southern appalachians and have been busy brainstorming tentative
plans for garden space, pond sites, tree plantings, building
spots, and everything.  We've picked some locations that
are likely spots to plant trees, and what I was wondering
is what can be done to improve the soil prior to planting.
 Right now we have 3-5" of good topsoil with a clay subsoil.
 Not the worst clay, but still mostly clay.  Existing vegetation
in most places is not too thick with brambles and some herbaceous
growth predominating.  Is there a "cover crop" that I could
put in its place that would better prepare the soil for possible
fall tree planting?  Maybe something deep-rooted?


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