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2 SHOWINGS!!!  Please post!

Permaculture in Africa: A Slideshow  and Adventure

January 30, 2002.
Where: The Ecology Center Bookstore
2530 San Pablo
Berkeley, Ca. USA
INFORMATION: 510-653-7401 (Tim)--- soilfirst at
OR 510-548-3402 (Beck)

 Beginning in Ethiopia, Tim Krupnik spent the better part of last year
hitch-hiking trough Africa.  His interest in Sustainable Agriculture and
Development  Projects led him through 11 different countries. During his
travels he visited numerous development groups,  Non-governmental
Organizations and farms, most of which held Permaculture as their main
This slide show is a glimpse at this experience.  From beekeeping and
by-hand paper recycling projects in Malawi, Urban Agriculture in South
Africa, to Agroforestry in Rwanda, seaweed production off the coast of
Zanzibar and bio-gas production in Ethiopia, this slideshow is a journey
into the science of sustainable agriculture and ecological design.
Not only will Tim offer a kaleidoscope of amazing images from far-off
places (a good number more than mentioned above), but he will delve into
the sociopolitics of Development and Environment in Africa.  This
presentation is suited for gardeners, farmers, Permaculturalists, and
people interested in development issues.  You do not need to have an
interest in Africa to attend-many of the Permaculture projects shown hold
lessons in sustainability that all of us can learn from.

COST---- Sliding scale 5-10$. This a benefit for the FAMBIDZANAI
PERMACULTURE CENTER in Zimbabwe which trains rural farmers (mainly women)
in organic farming techniques.

If  You are going to the Annual Assilomar Ecological Farming Association
Conference, the slide show will be presented there also, at 9pm on Thursday
Jan 24.

Tim Krupnik  (BA in Anthropology and Development) holds Permaculture
certification from the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center in California and
a drylands cropping certificate from the Fambidzanai Permaculture center in
Zimbabwe.  In addition to working for the Berkeley worms composting
collective and Ecology center for a number of years, he has developed
numerous Permaculture projects, including educational tours and seminars.
He has taught Permaculture and beekeeping techniques in the US and
Ethiopia.  While in Africa he participated in the full re-design of
ecological farm projects according to sustainability principals.  He has
published widely including recent pieces in Permaculture Activist.

"the mountains, I become a part of it.
The herbs, the fir tree, I become a part of it.
The morning mists, the clouds, the gathering waters,
I become a pert of it.

The wilderness, the dew drops the pollen....
I become a part of it."

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