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S.K. Harrison skh23ca at
Thu Dec 13 13:47:03 EST 2001

> From: "JLKAUFMANN" <jlkaufmann at>

> Evolution, for example, is NOT science -- it
> has never been observed, nor repeated, and so,
> is a belief. <snip>

As with our unnamed friend at bmn at, I
will not enter into an argument here regarding
the veracity of evolution. Suffice to say, I
challenge you to make your claims to professional
biologists. Unless you were to choose cranks,
your assumptions would be shredded in short

> If we put all the best scientists, with all the
> best equipment together, they could NOT make
> that one seed.

On the contrary, some day humans might be making
that seed. See Eric Drexlers FAQ on molecular

For the those manning the anti-biotech guns, I am
not advocating nanotech here and do not want to
enter into an ethical debate about this. I want
to correct John's confusion in this instance
between knowledge, wisdom and science. 

As an aside, I consider ethical questions one
aspect of the more general wisdom.


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