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Tue Dec 11 03:29:09 EST 2001

Aloha pumehana,

Thing about scientists is, the more they're driven to seek "truth" as
they define it, the more they want to work as scientists doing science,
the harder it might be to be a maverick decrying the perversions of
corporate and government and all other spinmeisters and marketers and
so on, the harder it might be to fight for their "truth" amidst the
various manipulations of the systems they work within...

...because without a job, a lab, funds, research facilities, etc. it
might be pretty hard to "do science."  Not to mention kids, mortgage
payments, all the various obligations they've chosen - at the very
least some basic food and shelter.  So like everyone I know, they make
personal compromises where necessary in order to at some level keep
doing stuff they love to do.  Some make bigger compromises than others,
to be sure.

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