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Harald und Margit Wedig wrote:

> Greetings from the netherlands to all of you!
> Can someone tell me names of sweet varieties of Cornus mas

You may already have this data from Cornucopia: Sourcebook of Edible Plants (which, if
you haven't got, is a must have title for every Pcist's bookshelf and can be ordered
from the Permaculture Activist) which lists 6 cultivars of Cornus Mas as follows:
Bulgarian: deep scarlet to violet, high in sugar, excellent flavor, small
stone.(Available from Eppler Ltd, Po Box 16513, Seattle Wa, USA 98116, 206-932-2211)
Cream: Creamy skin, lighter flesh, Excellent quality (same source as above)
Golden Glory: Edible red fruits(from Carroll Gardens, PO Box 310, Westminster, MD 21157
USA, 301-848-5422 or Holbrook Rarm and Nursery, Rt. 2, Box 223B, Fletcher, NC, USA
28732, 704-891-7790)
Romanian: Large, spherical fruit, bright red, lighter flesh, high in sugar, delicately
glavored, quality excellent, highly productive. (see Eppler above)
Russian Giant: Very large, barrel-shaped fruit, deep scarlet, flesh lighter scarlet,
high in sugar, excellent flavor, small stone. (Eppler)
Yellow: Yellow skin, lighter yellow flesh, excellent quality. (Eppler)

They sound very yummy. I wish I had direct experience, but that will have to wait 'til
my crop comes in. I, too, would like to hear from folks who have actually tasted any of
these cultivars.

> and Mahonia aquifolium.

Cornucopia lists 6 species of Mahonia (no cultivars) of which I have sampled only the
longleaf oregon grape (M. nervosa), which was tasty but very sour. I have also sampled
fruit from M. lomariifolia which tasted pretty much the same.

> I am interested in your own experience with the fruit and not what you
> have read about it;
> if you ever ate normal Mahonia aquifolium berries because you read
> somewhere that they are tasty, you will know what I mean:-)
> I have knowlegde about some interesting species and varieties, that I
> collected in eastern Germany and other east European countries.
> I would love to hear from you
> Harald Wedig
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