rick valley bamboogrove at cmug.com
Mon Aug 14 17:55:26 EDT 2000

>By the way - when I was in New Zealand last year a few Pc'ers stated they 
>didn't feel too connected to the Pc logo as it contained a snake and 
>there's no snakes in NZ!!?
Yeah; I love the design, but it is OZ; I do not want a global one, but rather
one for my region... the tree would hafta be a Garry Oak, and there'd be a
turtle (Western Pond) and a beaver, and Wapato (Sagittaria) and Camassia...
the rainbow works well, and duck & chook are ok, too...
I love the Fambidzanai spiral; the more I learn about the elements the more I
appreciate it. Instead of fussing over one logo, we ought to get busy and let
a thousand logos bloom.
We've had some good tshirt brainstorms too- alas, without viable issue.

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