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the HDRA heritage seed catalogue 2000 says it could be an ancestor (from
afghanistan the believed origin of the cultivated carrot ) of the more
common orange carrot . its listed as AFGHAN PURPLE   another JOHN'S PURPLE


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>>or through other tax-funded research, I feel an obligation to defy patent
>>laws. When I get the seeds, I'll give them away to whoever wants them. Of
>>course, if the second generation still doesn't taste good, I won't grow
>>them again! I'm assuming that these purple carrots are simply the result
>>classical breeding, but I would like to know for sure that they're not in
>>any way genetically modified.
>way to go! you propably know this, but for everyones bvenefit please let me
>repeat some advice: assuming that this is an 'ordinary' breed (not
>genetically engineered) it still is a very young breed - which means that
>it can impossibly be stable yet. or in other words: a fairly high
>percentage will not come true to parent, which isnt a proble as long as we
>know and keep rigidly culling our seedstock. over the years  the breed will
>get more and more stable. so, even if it should be an F1 hybrid, as long as
>it is fertile at all (very likely) a stable breed true to type can be
>selected over the years - only the percentage that is Not true to type will
>be Very high in the first few years. (every heirloom started off as an F1
>one day in the more or less distant past...)
>keep up the good work!
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