ANNOUNCE: International course in permaculture of the tropics, M anaus, Brazil

John Schinnerer JohnS at
Wed Oct 28 17:21:13 EST 1998

The following is forwarded from my friend Flavio, a native of Brazil and
classmate here at Antioch Seattle...

I am pleased to inform you that the Institute of Permaculture of
Amazonas (IPA),
Brazil, will hold the Internacional Course in Permaculture of the
(complete course with certification).

When: November 30 - December 12

Where: Manaus (Centro de Referencia de Permacultura - Escola Agrotecnica
Federal de Manaus)

Instructors: Geoff Lawton, Ali Sharif, Andre Soares and Carlos Miller
Registration Fee: R$ 350,00 (including housing and meals)

Sponsorship: Fundacao Daniel Dazcal, PNFC, IPA

Information: call Carlos Miller or e-mail:

carlosmiller at

Please make this message available to whoever you believe might be
interested in participating on this event.

Best regards. 

Flavio Mesquita da silva

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