hedgerow plants

Michael Miller & Ute Bohnsack burrenag at iol.ie
Thu May 28 09:22:43 EDT 1998

Sorry to contradict you but in my experience Hippophae - under the right
conditions - is quite invasive as it suckers. It's a classic pioneer of
sandy coastal habitats in Europe. I haven't seen it being spread by birds
(seeds) outside its natural habitat, though. Personally I love it and have
planted a few and hope they *will* invade my place because of their beauty
and invaluable properties. If there's too much I can always cut it back or
dig it up.


| Seabuckthorn - or sea berry (Hippophae rhamnoides L.)
| NOT invasive 
| Nitrogen fixing
| Erosion control (surface root system)
| Tolerates poor slightly alkaline soils
| Edible berries rich with vitamin C, A and bioflavonoid (juices, jellies)
| Very valuable medicinal oil in berries
| Light shade provider
| Very hardy, probably drought tolerant, 6-12 feet tall 
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