Human nutrition

Martha R. Hills hills at
Fri May 1 03:54:32 EDT 1998

Eugene F. Monaco wrote:
> One thing to keep in mind is trailside nibbles.  I don't know the terrain
> out there but any chance you get to nibble on wild foods will greatly
> enhance your ability to sustain yourselves lavishly without dragging along
> the umbilicle chord of civilization.  It is said that wild foods are 10
> times as powerful as garden food, especially on a transformative energetic
> basis, so it's well worth while to learn to use them, particularly from a
> survival perspective.  

In Peace Pilgrim's book, she describes spending a summer walking the
Appalachian Trail, carrying powdered milk which she reconstituted and
eating only what she could find along the way.

Onward, Martha Ruth

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