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Simon Henderson simonize at aa.net
Wed Sep 17 10:54:05 EDT 1997

>In a reading last night I saw that rabbit ddroppings wre pretty much good
>to go as far as an additive goes. Is it really ok to add the rabbit drops
>directly to the garden or should I have it spend some time in the compost
>pile first. We have only 1 pet rabbit right now but I might as well do
>something with his extra's. I know that worms love the stuff.
>Any opinions here ?
>How should I deal with the rabbit manure ?
>Thanks in advance,
>Paul K
>prkosuth at mychoice.net


As a former owner of commercial rabbitry (many years ago), I assure you
that rabbit manure is a GOOD thing. It's not hot. That's why the worms can
thrive in it. Many commercial vermiculture enterprises are a "byproduct" of
a rabbitry.

You can sidedress your garden plants with rabbit poo. It doesn't smell, and
it's conveniently pelletized so that you can apply it directly without
having to compost it.

In my long association with domestic livestock, rabbits and llamas, have
unique manures which are easy to collect and are not hot. So go for it!

Poo Rules!

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