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Wed Aug 28 13:00:53 EDT 1996

At 03:21 AM 8/28/96 EDT, jack rowe wrote:
>Re: personal time and permaculture
(...) treatment of the
>subject of planetary healing as distinct from that of personal healing is
>not rational or realistic. 

I've believed that for many years....personal healing = planetary healing
and vice versa.  There is plenty of supporting theory and literature for
this concept, including chaos theory (fractals and the concept of
scalability), and certain schools of metaphysics ("as above, so below").

I don't think that truly healthy humans will willingly contribute to
creating a sick planet.  And I think that unhealthy humans (and I often fall
into this category myself) have a really difficult time creating a healthy
planet, unless they start by healing themselves.

Conversely, I believe that those whose work involves helping humans heal
themselves are doing the planet some good as well.

Just my $0.02, as usual.

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