Privacy, Peace and Permaculture Promotion

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Mon Aug 12 10:43:11 EDT 1996

I think its interesting and useful to look at the social aspects as just 
another permaculture problem. Channel those visitors and make them 
contributors to your system (and obviously you are to theirs!). And just 
be direct and honest with visitors at unwanted times--few people really 
think the world should revolve around them... But mostly, congratulations 
on having this problem/resource! Lots of us are dreaming and working 
towards being where you're at!

> Is there anyone else who suffers from our dilema?
> We have a demonstration site that we are developing and
> share many of the ups and downs with our students - Most
> live far away and unfortunately for them haven't seen the site
> - it is not complete and most will be for ever evolving
> The dilema is that people are so enthused by our work
>  they visit us regularly - I feel compelled to give them a tour and
> chat and I just can't get anything done.
> I'm getting to the point where I am afraid to go into the garden
> in case some one sees me, and wants to talk permaculture!!
> I like to be generous - that's why I like permaculture
> I like the sharing side of this way of life.
> I thought of running an open day but I don't feel ready - and anyway
> that might just attract MORE sightseers on the off days.
> I realise there is a shortage of permaculture sites - but permaculture
> isn't a collective business - or some kind of religion - for me
> it is about modifying our behaviour until is seems a normal way of life.
> And being a spectacle isn't part of normal for me. 
> Any suggestions - any one else in the same boat?

Jeff Hall	
jrhall at

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