Straw Bale House Workshop II

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Wed Oct 18 12:45:20 EDT 1995

Dear Permaculture Listserv,

Following is a notice of our next course.  Please let me know if I am
following the proper protocols...

!!!Cross Timbers Permaculture Institute Presents:  Straw Bale House
Workshop II, Dec 1 thru 3!!!

The Cross Timbers Permaculture Institute is offering its second workshop
in a series on STRAW BALE HOUSE construction.  The institute is building a
750 square foot Nebraska style/load bearing residence for its staff and
interns.  We are aiming to keep the costs down to below $8 per square

During this workshop our one day of class room will cover the basics of
straw bale construction and then go into detail on EARTHEN TECHNOLOGIES
used for stuccoing the walls and pouring the floor of a straw bale house.
The remaining two day practicum will involve learning how to stucco a
house and "dry it in."

The course tuition is $150 per person, $225 per couple (any two folks who
register together) and $180 if you would like to bring a non-participating
friend or partner.  Meals are included.  Cabins ($15/night), and camping
($5/night) with access to clean bathrooms and hot showers are available
upon request.

Please contact Kirby Fry or Inger Myhre at 817-897-9402 for more details
and to make reservations.  Our e-mail address is,
72530.1353 at

	KIRBY [@ Cross Timbers Permaculture Institute 817-897-9402]

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