[nafex] Fire Blight (?)

Jim Fruth jimfruth at charter.net
Mon May 2 23:17:21 EDT 2016

It doesn't look like Fire Blight.  Fire Blight's characteristic is the 
appearance of having been burned (blackened).

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*I just removed a Cox's Orange Pippin. After a mild winter, to my surprise
it didn't make it!*

*Upon closer examination I noticed what appeared to be fire blight,
something I've never had on any of my apples, only on an Asian pear that
was removed 4 years ago.*

*Two questions, is it fire blight? and if so is it possible to replant
another apple in the same spot?*

*I have attached 3 small Jpegs to aid the discussion. The 3rd pic shows
some brown staining on the upper portion of the heartwood of the branches.*
*john b*

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