[nafex] [permaculture] Permaculture in viticulture?

Bob Randall YearRoundGardening at comcast.net
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I have had excellent results in southeast Texas stacking grapes—both muscadines and Euro-American hybrid bunch grapes on 8-10 ft trellis wires, with blackberries staked  and topped at 5 feet underneath and sweet potato spinach understorried below the blackberries.  The sweet potato ground cover was suggested by Bill Mollison in a conversation in the early nineties and it works well. The grapes here do not get much in the way of leaves until most of the spring blackberry fruiting is done, and the sweet potato spinach dose not need a lot of light.

Sweet potato spinach is a relatively little know sweet potato cultivar with inedible roots that do well in soils that ordinary sweet potatoes do poorly in.   It is popular here in Asian communities and like all sweets, is easily reproduced from cuttings.

Bob Randall

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> Maybe there will be answers from this group.
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> cestin <cestin at ...> writes:
>> Does anyone have any information about permaculture practices in
>> viticulture?  I know that many permaculture principles of encouraging
>> biodiversity and soil health make sense.  But I'm curious about more
>> extensive applications - are there "guild plantings" that  might enhance
>> wine grape quality?  Does comfrey have a beneficial effect when planted
>> near grape vines, etc...
> Dear Chuck,
> did you get any responses back from Australia regarding this topic. I'd love
> to know what
> information you've discovered so I can trial it. Biodiversity and soil
> health are
> very important to me.
> Kind regards,
> Sonia
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