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Ka-Bluey is the trademarked name that the variety is marketed under.  It is licensed exclusively to the Gardens Alive! group of companies so Gardens Alive, Henry Fields, Gurneys, etc. are the only places you will find it.  It was never formally given a cultivar name per se, but was tested under the selection number A-257.
Here is the publised description from from John Clark in the Brooks and Olmo list:
 A mid-early season blueberry with distinct flavor suitable for home gardens. Origin: Univ. of Arkansas, by J.R. Clark, J.N. Moore, and A.D. Draper. US 73 x G-526; selected 1988; tested as A-257; introd. 2005. Fruit: med. to med.-small, 1.4 g; medium-dark; flavor very distinct, often described as ‘‘peach like’’; good scar; crisp texture; ripens 27 May in Clarksville, AR; Plant: selected in low organic matter, non-amended soil and has good vigor in mineral soils; upright to slightly spreading growth habit; early blooming, 3 Mar. early bloom and 50% bloom 4 Apr. (Bluecrop 11 Apr.); believed to be self-pollinating; chilling requirement not fully determined but estimated to be 500–800 h; no diseases observed in Arkansas.
Color is an important criteria for the fresh market, but not so much for processing.  That said, few people are planting blueberries solely for the processed market, and virtually nobody is in the region that this was selected for.  That's why this was never released as a commercial variety and saved only as a parent.  The University of Arkansas blueberry program was (last time I talked to John Clark, he was no longer doing blueberry crosses) geared to develope varieties for the upper south with some of the heat tolerance and quality of southern highbush types such as those planted in Florida and North Carolina, with enough chilling and cold tolerance to perform in a more continental climate.  That said, this was developed in zone 6, and given the high degree of southern highbush ancestry on both sides of it's pedigree, I would guess that it is not likely to have sufficient mid-winter cold hardiness of it's flower buds in more northern climates, and
 its lower chill and early bloom may make it susceptible to frost damage of any flower buds that do make it through the winter.
Michael (blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry breeder)

Michael Dossett
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On Wednesday, April 9, 2014 10:59 AM, Steve <sdw12986 at aol.com> wrote:
Thanks Richard.
Actually, late last night I found this: 
This must be the discussion I read and I forgot most of the details. I 
remember that I read it a little over a year ago, but it was all written 
a few years ago. I must have searched for it (or just discussions about 
blueberries) last year.


On 4/9/2014 7:26 AM, Richard J. Ossolinski wrote:
>> http://www.knowzo.com/results/topic/g?utm_source=adwords&utm_term=ka%20bluey%20blueberry&id=wUTM5UzNzUzNtQTLzIDMxcjN0gjM&gclid=CKTHvbel070CFWxp7AodyygAZg
> On Apr 8, 2014, at 11:57 PM, Steve wrote:
>> More than a year ago, there was a discussion on our group, here, about
>> a highly flavored blueberry that a few members liked. I intended to
>> order a plant or two last spring but circumstances prevented me from
>> following through with that. Now, the only thing I remember about the
>> conversation is that Gardens Alive sells it on their website under
>> their own name.
>> I just checked the Gardens Alive site and I'm sure their  Ka-Bluey
>> variety is the one. What is the name of this blueberry when other
>> places sell it?
>> Maybe it's lucky that I didn't plant blueberries last year. This
>> winter would have been rough on them to say the least. The snow cover
>> didn't come until mid winter and prior to that the temperatures went
>> down to -30, or close to it, several times. Does anyone here grow that
>> variety where conditions get that cold?
>> I've been meaning to plant a group of blueberries for literally
>> decades. It's time to get on with it and do it!
>> Steve in the Adirondacks
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