[nafex] Mulberry commercial potentials

Geoffrey Tolle Gtolle0709 at wowway.com
Sun Jan 13 00:50:05 EST 2013

 From my readings and some experience, the mulberry species matters a 
lot. The flavor of the "wild" varieties most commonly found in the Ohio 
area is very delicate. The overly ripe fruit are rather bland and they 
lose nearly all flavor upon drying. I understand that the white 
mulberries (the type generally dried in the Middle East) retain much 
more flavor when dried. With "american" mulberries, your main option is 
probably going to be immediate preserving, either as preserves or 
freezer jam.

On 1/12/13 3:36 PM, Bassgarden wrote:
> Another way to sell mulberries, is sun dried mulberries. They are a favorite in Afghanistan, and turkey. I even seen it at health stores online.
> Bass
> www.treesofjoy.com

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