[nafex] multiple trees in one hole

Steven Covacci filtertitle at aol.com
Mon Jan 7 21:06:39 EST 2013

I ended-up, after years of thinking about it, executing the multiple trees in one hole strategy.

This is my take on it, with some questions - in case if you have some experience or ideas with these sub-points:

-Where using dwarfing rootstocks (in my case, sweet-cherries, apples, pears and mountain-ashes only), the same clone of rootstock is used.
Concern: I don't even know why I'm using dwarfing rootstocks on the apples and Asian pears (rounded form), or maybe on any of these for that matter.  I feel that I could just literally hack the trees down to no higher than 8' every few years (like I saw my neighbor did to an apricot - and is doing fine).  Dwarfing rootstocks will be a problem in a drought.  Before it's too late, I'm thinking of burying the graft-unions of these and exchanging the benefit of early precociousness and less frequent need of pruning for peace-of-mind in increased drought-stability and tree longevity.  

-Where not using dwarfing rootstocks (sour-cherries, plums, peaches/nectarines and apricots - rootstocks buried), further conflicts of growth-vigor will be expected.
Concern: limited.

-I plant the trees in triangles at 2' apart from each other.  This will mean that larger-trunked species (plums, for instance) may eventually fuse at the very base.  I feel that all three will function as a single tree - none of this competing for nutrients idea, because their roots will fuse in time (inosculate).  So the 3 cultivars will not compete any more (or less) than a tree conceptually subdivided into three parts (the part facing- East, West and South).  
Concern: I hope that this will not mean that debris will get trapped in-between the interface of the trunks and cause moisture to get trapped.   Also, can a fourth tree be added which is facing north - how will this be productive, unless it will only be if it can tower over the other three that do get direct light (east, west, south)?



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