[nafex] Apricot pruning question

Dan Nave nave1 at comcast.net
Sun Mar 18 15:26:33 EDT 2012

I have a Westcot apricot on kyrmsk1 rootstock which I planted last year.  It must have had some 
winter damage when I got it since the top half of the whip didn't get any growth.  I had two 
branches grow out last year from about 14" above the ground where one is longer and goes straight 
up, the other is shorter and comes out at about a 45 degree angle.  My question is whether I should 
leave both branches and have the tree branch at that level or should I cut that lower branch off and 
try for branching at a higher level?  The longer upright branch is just an inch or two shy of 4 feet 
above the ground.  Also, should I cut the main leader at all, or just let it grow from there?

Incidentally, yesterday the temperature here in the twin cities in Minnesota got to 80 degrees 
officially, an all-time record, and within a degree of the temperature of Dallas and Miami.  The 
buds on the Westcot are red on the end and green below, about the size of a large peppercorn.  The 
Hargrand on K1, Harlayne, Debbie's Gold, Morden 604, all on Manchurian apricot rootstock along with 
a straight Manchurian show just a hint of bud break.  I'm sure there was no winter damage because of 
the mild winter, but because of the early spring there may still be some freezing weather.  I'm 
keeping my fingers crossed...


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