[nafex] Will organic compost and mesic conditions promote fire-bli ght in pear?

Scott Weber and Muffy Barrett bluestem_farm at juno.com
Sat Mar 17 08:30:55 EDT 2012

My understanding is that rampant growth means increased risk of FB.  Healthy balanced growth that you get from compost might be somewhat less susceptible; I don't know. Muffy BarrettSouthern WI, where the flower buds are swollen already on the apples and pears, and the kiwis have started growing.  Normally we have frosts well into May here....

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From: Steven Covacci 

If I plant pears in my garden bed (where I always add compost and uncomposted fruit/vegatable scraps), and is always moist in spring and fall, will the conditions promote fire-blight in the pear trees?
No synthetic fertilizers, etc.

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