[NAFEX] forum versus email

Chris Garriss cgarriss at garriss.net
Thu Aug 11 16:38:45 EDT 2011

If anyone's interested I can see if there is a reasonable way to convert
these to a search friendly text format.
On Aug 11, 2011 12:58 PM, "Chris Garriss" <cgarriss at garriss.net> wrote:
> I have (many) years of NAFEX emails stored in folders / subfolders of my
> email client - and backed up on an external drive. Actually, I think I
> every message to NAFEX, except the "out of office" kind of things, whether
> or not I was interested in the topic - times & interests change - for
> a few years. Since I use Seamonkey (a Mozilla browser / email package
> combination) the email is in a format (mbox) that Seamonkey, Thunderbird
> a number of other mail programs use / recognize. I have the messages
> threaded and the client supports a good search methodology. So I can
> on subjects, people (to / from / sender / cc / etc) within the body of the
> email, dates, size, attachment status and other criteria.
> I much prefer email to fora, not least because I can save (or not) as i
> please, and the history is easily available.
> On Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 12:04 PM, Ernest Plutko <ernestplutko at wiktel.com
>> Internet forums seem to die without warning. It takes a lot of time
>> and effort to care for a forum. The operator may be enthusiastic now
>> but this could (for sure)soon wane and become a pain. I bought a new
>> Dell computer and a 2TB Iomega stand alone hard drive. I will begin
>> saving all Nafex emails on the stand alone hard drive. Computers
>> sometimes crash or have virus problems and your data can easily
>> disappear or become corrupted. Saving data on the stand alone hard
>> drive is much more secure than relying on the computer hard drive. I
>> wonder about some past Nafex emails but they are gone. A TB is a 1000
>> GBs. A lot of data for now. I am sure more powerful memory devices
>> will be available.
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