[NAFEX] Protecting plants

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Thu Apr 29 14:40:04 EDT 2010

Here is an idea for protecting flowers/fruits from late frost.  Consider 
that even if you try to create a source of heat or to cover the plant to 
keep heat in, the heat may well be lost if there is wind or even just by 
convection.  But what about a radiant heat source?  That would be a 
source that produces infrared radiation. It's like shining a light bulb 
on the plant. The light can't be blown away by wind.  Infrared light 
would just shine on the plant and would warm the surfaces that it touched.

It may not be practical or cheap but I wonder if anyone has experimented 
with this.  Today the winds are whipping around at 30 to 40 mph, as they 
often do here in the spring, and any attempt to trap heat would be futile.

I know there are panels that produce infrared radiation without 
producing any light at all.  Don't know if they make them for outdoors.



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