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Thats is what puzzled me about the decline of this tree. I have had no problems with it before. I have never sprayed.  I would see may one or two branch tips brown in a season.
Also, I didnt see the "black crook" shape that I heard was the sign of fire bight.  I was unaware that firebight could come back during the summer as well. I thought it was entered through flowers. 

Bacause it has affcted the whole tree at once all branch end including ones with no flower or fruits. I still think it may be something else that is more systemic.

Anyway, it doesent seem like I can do any thing at this point.

Really hate to see my old friend pass like this. I will have to try again with new location. 

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Rob, I have had significant problems with fireblight on my medlars.   
One tree died and the remaining one gets lots of damage.  My guess is  
that is your problem.  Both medlar and quince have proved quite  
difficult for me due to fireblight.  This spring I sprayed agrimycin  
and they were clean until summer, but I should have done more  
preventative sprays as the FB came back in midsummer.  The midsummer  
blight I get does not kill large branches, it is more spotty in that  
individual leaves, fruits and small sections of tip will get it.   
There is also not the tell-tale crook-neck on the later attacks since  
the wood has hardened.


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