[NAFEX] Fig flavor

Douglas Woodard dwoodard at becon.org
Mon Sep 7 13:25:54 EDT 2009

Has anyone tried reflective surfaces on the ground, or putting pots by 
south walls, or both, for ripening figs or other heat and sun loving 
plants in cooler areas?

Doug Woodard
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

mIEKAL aND wrote:
> This of course makes a huge difference.  Here in Zone 4b in SW  
> Wisconsin I'm growing my figs outside in containers with no  
> greenhouse.  Last year I barely ripened anything tho I had a good  
> fruit set.  This year I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  The weather the  
> last 2 weeks is helping a lot.  I have a lot of varieties that come  
> awful close to ripening, if only the season was about 2 weeks longer.   
> All my trees come out of the basement first week of May, just  
> beginning to break bud & the season is over here anywhere between Oct  
> 1 - Oct 15.
> Also Anton mentioned Atreano which I have a few 2 year olds that are  
> loaded with fruit & looking like a good choice for container culture.   
> We'll see if they ripen here.  I'm hoping to get the producing  
> varieties inside a greenhouse next year.
> On Sep 5, 2009, at 9:58 AM, Lee Reich wrote:
>> By the way, it would be useful to indicate where you all grow  
>> whatever plants you're writing about, and if, as in my case, it's in  
>> a greenhouse, pot, etc. I'm in NY's Hudson Valley, Zone 5.

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