[NAFEX] Scions before true dormancy?

Melissa Kacalanos mijwiz at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 17 00:39:27 EST 2009

Even if the agreement is already signed, it doesn't hurt to ask. I doubt that the buyer cares all that much about a few twigs off his new trees. It's not like you want to dig up whole trees. Maybe you could mark the scions you want with paint, with the permission of the new owner, and ask a friend to cut and send them to you later as a parting gift.


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Thanks for the suggestion, but the agreement is already signed. And I'm moving 400 mi. away. I may just have to live with having to spend $ to rebuild my collection. But I wanted to check and see if folks knew something about it all that I didn't already know.

Megan Lynch

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