[NAFEX] In Defense of Big Apple Trees

Claude Jolicoeur cjoli at gmc.ulaval.ca
Mon Nov 9 21:45:07 EST 2009

I am with Alan concerning big apple trees. I have many full size Cortland
trees and I think they are great. I don't think such trees may be as
productive as modern intensive orchards, but the quality of the apples is
much better although smaller. For cider, standard trees in my experience
produce apples with greater sugar concentration and better flavor. Unless
you grow apples to earn a living or are extremely limited in space,
standard trees are the best way to go - and even more so in colder climate
and in areas with a lot of snow. 

Claude Jolicoeur

A 06:57 09.11.08 -0500, vous avez écrit : 

Fluffy’s warning about the grand results of growing a tree on a Northern
Spy rootstock has inspired me to counter with an endorsement of full sized
apple trees.

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