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Thu Nov 5 16:13:53 EST 2009

I've posted this to the list previously.  In Minneapolis near the 3rd
Street bridge, there is a Hardy's that has 3-4 A x grandiflora planted
as landscape plants.  They were heavy with very large (for saskatoons)
fruit that had good flavor.  I've never had saskatoons anywhere that I
would describe as sweet but these were plants that had a lot of
potential.  I was never able to germinate all the fruit I collected,
not sure why.  This was a few years back so no idea if they are still


On Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 3:08 PM, Douglas Woodard <dwoodard at becon.org> wrote:
> Lucky, my observation of Amelanchier X grandiflora (I think) seedlings
> at a conservation planting near here was that the berries were big and
> juicy (solids content apparently lower than A. laevis) but not as
> strongly flavoured as A. laevis, and the production was rather sparse.
> How do yours produce?
> Doug Woodard
> St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
> Niagara Peninsula
> Dr. Lucky Pittman wrote:
>> I have several A.alnifolia selections growing here, but can rarely beat the
>> birds to any of the fruit.
>> Nice little A.laevis tree in town at the public library bears heavily every
>> year, and I can pick gallons at a time.
>> Have several row-run A.X grandiflora plants, purchased as 1-yr seedlings,
>> from the now-defunct Bear Creek Nursery, that I planted at my kids'
>> elementary school about 10 years ago - they bear big, tasty berries - twice
>> the size of the A.laevis fruits - my wife liked them well enough that I'll
>> be trying my hand at propagating them from cuttings and grafting some onto
>> apple & hawthorn rootstocks to see which works best.
>> Lucky Pittman
>> Hopkinsville, KY
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