[NAFEX] Pluots in Nebraska

Kieran &/or Donna holycow at frontiernet.net
Thu May 28 09:41:09 EDT 2009

Bill, I'm really curious about your Am-Jap plums.  David Ulmer recommended 
them to me and sent some scions, so I have a few vars topgrafted to a young 
Am plum.  I hope to have some fruit next year.  The crosses like Kaga sound 
really good.  The other parent is supposed to be something rather apricot 
like.  Do these plums crop well for you, and what do you think about them? 
Some are said to make monster trees.  If I can find some kind of stone fruit 
that will both survive the late freezes and make good fruit, I might chop 
down all the other stone fruits and actually try keeping some chickens under 
them.  Right now we just have banties running around, trying to confine them 
under a tree would require wire over the top, not possible and still get to 
the tree.  a second mild spring has left a decent crop of Jap plums on the 
trees, but the curcuculios are taking care of them for me.  It's been too 
wet to think of spraying Surround.      Donna 

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