[NAFEX] mychorizal fungal rip off?

Ginda Fisher list at ginda.us
Sun Mar 22 23:18:04 EDT 2009

Interesting point.  I grow stuff on land that's been mostly  
undisturbed for 50 years.  I tried mychorizal fungus a bit when I  
started, and then I decided that if it had worked, the stuff must  
still be in the soil and would "infect" whatever else I put there.  I  
didn't do a good controlled test, but I certainly didn't notice any  
difference when I started or stopped using it.

Ginda Fisher
eastern MA, zone 6
crocuses just starting to bloom, and the buds on the apricot and  
cornus mas are swelling.

On Mar 22, 2009, at 11:10 PM, Anton Callaway wrote:

> Ever seen what they do to the soil to "develop" a subdivision?
> Mychorrizal inoculations are worth it.  I was skeptical until I did  
> a side-by-side comparison on several rows of potatoes.  Pretty  
> impressive results.
> Maybe in lightly disturbed soil, there would be no diff.  But where  
> the bulldozers have wreaked havoc, some help is noticed.
> Zone 8
> Pears starting to bloom.
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>> When I was in hort school the research on mychorizal relationships  
>> was still
>> pretty fresh and I was enthralled to the point of reading a lot of  
>> it in
>> their library just out of curiosity.  It was amazing to think that  
>> all the
>> trees in the forest are connected by these fungus which makes the  
>> whole
>> forest seem to be one organism.
>> When the products came out touting the benefit of applications of  
>> these
>> organisms I assumed that it was just typical marketing BS.  The  
>> research I
>> read indicated that these fungus aren't very species specific  
>> beyond trees
>> not having relationships with the same species as prairie plants.   
>> The
>> conclusion was that anywhere trees grow there are already plenty of  
>> M.
>> fungus in the soil, tree compatible, unless it is in a strictly  
>> prairie
>> environment or where strip mining has been practiced.  In these  
>> sites a few
>> shovels full of forest soil would accomplish any needed inoculation.
>> Is there any reason to think anything different?
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