[NAFEX] chemical vs organic

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Wed Jun 17 19:52:23 EDT 2009

I had a client years ago who had Parkinson's disease.  He was a TTU prof in fisheries who was known as "The Rotenone King" (his last name was King) because he advocated and used so much rotenone to kill off "trash" fish before introducing improved fish.  Turns out rotenone use is associated with Parkinson's.  This family has other members who also have Parkinson's, but they are all still living, their disease did not progress as fast.  Considering that it's in my family too, I'm glad that I never used the stuff.  
    It's important to remember that arsenic is "natural".  Stinging caterpillars, poison ivy and deadly amanita mushrooms are all natural.  What is unnatural is to sit in a nice clean living room in air conditioning while outside the mosquitoes and chiggers await their next meal.  Picking nice big fruit is unnatural.  Mother Nature prefers little bitty fruit to maximize seed production while providing just enough of a meal for the birds to volunteer to transport the seeds.  So what we want, fruitwise, is something that is unnatural, while not using too many resources, toxins, or hard work to get it.    Donna 
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