[NAFEX] where is global warming?

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You can find global warming with Nessie, BigFoot, and the Tri-Lateral Commission.

If I did not think it was a total crock I would actually look forward to being able to grow Apricots, peaches, and nectarines.  

When I was a kid we feared the ice age they told us about in grade school that was coming from man's interference with the environment.  

Now the thing I fear most is the idiot in the White House.  Oh well.  The cool weather is allowing me another planting of radishes.


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Frost tonight.  Saw snow flakes yesterday.  Tomatoes plants have died
from frost.  Where is global warming?  Two college girls came to
house to preach the horrors of global warming.  I asked them how they
knew about global warming.  They said they just know-people are bad
to environment.  Most of my apple trees have not come out of
hibernation or are dead.  Crab apple trees grown from Siberian
rootstock are flowering profusely.

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