[NAFEX] Gold Raspberry help

Rosholdt rosholdt at erols.com
Thu Feb 19 20:36:27 EST 2009

I have 2 different gold raspberries, Fall Gold and Anne.  Both bear in 
the summer and fall, but I like the summer crop better even if I have to 
fight the Jap Beetles for 'em, because the yellow jackets clean me out 
in the fall.  (Yeah, I know the ducks would rid me of beetles, but I 
can't keep ducks right now.)  Fall Gold stays fairly short and acts like 
a red raspberry, but Anne!  wow, it rebears on the primo and 
flori-canes, doesn't seem to send up new sprouts readily, grows up and 
up and over with a huge elongated berry - and altogether acts weird - I 
am used to black raspberries, and can handle Fall Gold, but need some 
advice on Anne.  Does anyone have any experience with an Anne type 
raspberry they could share?  Should I mow down, clip down to 2', what - 
and when?  Stella Otto's "Back Yard Berry Book" is short of advice on 
the varieties I'm growing. I treat Fall Gold like an everbearing red, 
and that seems to work, but they seem to "lean around" a lot.  Is that a 
symptom of  clumps too close?
Advice would be appreciated!

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