[NAFEX] Red Fleshed apples

Dr. Chiranjit Parmar parmarch_mnd at dataone.in
Thu Feb 21 00:45:05 EST 2008

Red colour of the flesh in guava is a genetic character and is not climate 
dependent.  There are several types.  I can send seeds but not right now.

However, the intensity of the external red colour of guavas in some red 
verities with white flesh can vary with climate.

It might be interesting to know that red fleshed varieties are not 
considered to be good from taste and other viewpoints in India.  The white 
fleshed verities are preferred much more.

I am also sending pictures of red guavas called apple guava.

Dr. Chiranjit Parmar

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>I have gotten more interested in red fleshed apples and it has been a few 
>years since I have seen much discussion on them  maybe it is is time for 
>another go round.
> Many places say that the coloring is climate dependent. Ed said less color 
> as they go south.  I assume that is temperature based rather than 
> day-length based.   A lot of them seem to be fairly tart to sweet tart, 
> some (many?) too tart for fresh eating.  Ed said that Pink Pearl and 
> Hidden Rose were the ones he had experience with that had detectable 
> sugars.    A description of the Niedzwetzkyana Crab pie got my attention. 
> Supposedly like cherry pie but whether that was color or flavor or both I 
> don't know. I have also heard it is 3 inches in diameter too large to be 
> called crab.  I have also hear that it is a good tannin source for cider.
> I have been poking around in books and on the web. Here is something of a 
> variety list which I don't have much experience with. I have tasted Pink 
> Pearl twice.  Once as grown in California it was OK another time when 
> grown in Indiana it thought it was bitter.  I tried Grenadine at the 
> California tasting a few years ago and that was good but not outstanding. 
> Not something I would think about without the color. Based on what I have 
> dug up some are very hardy zone 3 some zone 6 some who knows. A fair 
> number appear to bloom early &/or get scab.
> Has anyone experience with any of these? I am especially interested in 
> Hardiness many of the California ones list zone 6. I'd like zone 4.  I m 
> also especially interested in which ones are worth eating fresh or really 
> good for cooking as opposed to, I might as well make sauce because what 
> else can I do with it.
> Alamata, Burford Red Flesh, Bill's red flesh(aka Scarlet Surprise)  Hidden 
> Rose (AKA Aerlie Red Flesh), Firecracker, Geneva crab, Giant Russian may 
> be the same as Russian Giant Crab, Grenadine, Niedzwetzkyana, Pink 
> Pearmain(AKA Pink Sparkle), Pink Pairfait, Mott's Pink, Pink Parfait 
> (Motts), (I'm not sure if these three are the same), Pink Princess (same 
> as Jansen's Pink Lady not same as Cripp's Pink Pink Lady), Pink Old Lady, 
> Purple Passion, Raven, Red Field, Thornberry,  Rubiyat, Winter Red 
> fleshed.  I haven't included many of the ones that seem to be pale pink or 
> pink stained.
> Martha
> Zone 4 high elevation New Mexico  Cool summers with a short season
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