[NAFEX] Email vs Bulletin - archives

Diane Whitehead voltaire at islandnet.com
Mon Feb 18 21:55:38 EST 2008

Yes, a friend of mine who keeps every message he has ever received was  
able to reinstate the entire archives of a list that had lost theirs  
for a reason I can't remember.

Hort.net  archives some lists.  I'm not sure how they decide which  
ones to include, but I think I read somewhere that the ones chosen are  
favourites of their employees.  Of the 23 active gardening lists it  
archives, 5 are about iris.  There is also one on community gardens  
and one on vegetables.  The archives are searchable, and photos are  
kept as well, which is unusual.

They also keep archives of 9 inactive lists, including one on school  
gardens and square foot gardening.

They have a database of seed germination information, and lots of  
plant photos.

The site is managed by Mallorn Computing Horticultural Software  

I don't know whether they are open to archiving any other list.  It  
could be good to have a backup.


Diane Whitehead

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