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Chris Garriss cgarriss at garriss.net
Mon Feb 18 05:49:32 EST 2008

As far as past messages, I have a separate folder in my mailbox that has
all the e-mail messages since the end of December 2003 (around 13,000),
by thread and in my mail client fully searchable - by sender, subject,
or word within the e-mail.  I could split them up if I wished, but so
far have no need.  This is currently about 105 mb.

I also have a downloaded copy of the archives from before that time,
although I have not often looked through them.  I do tend to browse all
the messages that come across, which I would likely not do on a message
board.  As e-mail, I can look through them on or off line.


On 17.02.2008 19:55 Road's End Farm spoke thusly:
> And a reply to the reply, interspersed:
>> PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 12:04 am    Post subject:  	Reply with 
>> quote
>> Better than email in a number of ways.
>> 1. All the information is searchable and provides a quick reference 
>> repository.
> I thought we had archives that were at least theoretically searchable. 
> And I do keep my own records of things that I'm interested in, 
> organized in my own choice of fashion; which I can then get at if the 
> list or my internet connection is down.
>> 2. Knowledge is preserved, on a longer term level, so if I forget 
>> something Lon Rombaugh said about grapes, it is here rather than 
>> storing it in my personal email inbox.
> It's only preserved if nothing goes wrong with the board that it's on 
> (same with archives for an email list). If you really want that info 
> preserved, you want to spread it around, not only into a lot of 
> individual computers but more importantly into print form dispersed 
> into multiple locations. Not only have we no guarantee that any 
> particular site will continue to function, but nobody has any idea what 
> information put on computers in 2008, if any, will still be readable in 
> 2108.
>> 3. Information is dealt with on a 'I want to know this' level. In an 
>> email list I have to read a paragraph or two of words un-important to 
>> me before I know to hit the 'delete' button.
> I do browse on boards. I often can't tell from the title of a thread 
> whether I want to know the info in it; and, even if I want to know the 
> info in the thread as a whole, I'm not likely to want to know 
> everything anyone said in every post on the thread. So I don't see any 
> difference there. I still have to go through some things I don't care 
> about to see the stuff that I do.
>> 4. Information is subdivided automatically into semi-pertinent 
>> groupings. Several forum channels can be created for; Apples, Pears, 
>> Prunes, Grapes, etc, etc so I can find information faster.
> You will need lots and lots of forum channels to cover everything 
> discussed on this list; and then additional channels, to cover comments 
> that apply to more than one species and/or more than one topic. Such 
> posts are common on this list.
> It's also very much my experience that forum channels, or threads, or 
> whatever, drift off topic a great deal. Even if somebody spends lots of 
> time moving things into what the moderator thinks is the right thread, 
> the conversation will still often wind up either with a lot of info in 
> a thread you wouldn't think to look for it in, and/or broken up in a 
> fashion that's confusing to read.
> The thread that started off being about grapes is going to turn into 
> trellising methods, into laying plants down to protect them from cold, 
> into laying apples down to protect them from cold, into what varieties 
> of apples did well with this technique, into what apples did well in 
> zone 3, into somebody's list of apples, pears, plums, and blackberries 
> that did well for them in zone 3, into flavor of those blackberry 
> varieties, into soil qualities that affect flavor . . . How are you 
> going to keep that classified, and still keep any of the flow of 
> conversation that it came out of?
>> 5. We have a living, breathing recorded history of your knowledge and 
>> wisdom. Right now it is definitely NOT that.
> Why is this list any less living and breathing than a board would be?
>> If somebody passes on to that great orchard in the sky, all of their 
>> sound, sage advice is still preserved right here.
> See comments under 2.
>> Plus we have these COOL smiley things!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now c'mon you gotta 
>> love that!! Razz Razz Razz Razz
> Razzberry, as in the Bronx version. I don't care about smileys one way 
> or the other (unless they blink, in which case I dislike them).
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